At Yue Wan Intl Limited, we have a proven track record of successfully fulfilling the needs of various industries through our comprehensive range of services. Our expertise and tailored solutions have enabled businesses across different sectors to thrive in the international trade landscape. Here are some of the industries in which we have had a significant impact:


We have supported automotive manufacturers and distributors with efficient import and export services, supply chain management, and customs compliance, ensuring smooth operations and timely delivery of components and vehicles.


Our technology export and licensing services have facilitatesd the expansion of electronics companies into new markets, enabling them to protect their intellectual property rights and establish mutually beneficial licensing agreements.

Food and Beverage

With our expertise in international trade consultation, import and export services, and customs compliance, we have supported food and beverage businesses in expanding their market reach and complying with stringent food safety regulations.

Renewable Energy

We assist renewable energy companies with technology export, market research, and trade show support, enabling them to introduce sustainable energy solutions to new markets and establish strategic partnerships.

Information Technology

Our technology export and licensing services have supported IT companies in expanding their global footprint, protecting their intellectual property, and capitalizing on licensing agreements to drive revenue growth.

E-commerce and Online Retail

We have provided e-commerce solutions, trade financing, and logistics support to numerous online retail businesses, facilitating their global expansion and ensuring a seamless customer experience.