Fosun International Security is a leading automotive parts manufacturer based in Hong Kong. They were looking to expand their market reach and establish a presence in North America. Yue Wan Intl Limited provided comprehensive international trade consultation, market research, and supply chain management services to Fosun International Security.

By leveraging their expertise, Yue Wan Intl Limited identified key market opportunities and assisted Fosun International Security in developing a strategic market entry plan. They facilitated smooth import and export operations, ensuring compliance with regulations and efficient customs clearance. Through effective supply chain management, Fosun International Security achieved timely delivery of their automotive parts to their North American customers, resulting in increased sales and market share.

Daisies Fashion is a Hong Kong-based apparel brand specializing in sustainable clothing. They wanted to expand their e-commerce presence and reach a global audience. Yue Wan Intl Limited provided end-to-end e-commerce solutions to Daisies Fashion, including online store setup, digital marketing strategies, and cross-border logistics support.

Yue Wan Intl Limited helped Daisies Fashion establish a user-friendly and visually appealing online store, optimize its website for search engines, and implement effective digital marketing campaigns. They also facilitated seamless cross-border logistics, ensuring the timely delivery of orders to customers worldwide. As a result, Daisies Fashion experienced significant growth in online sales, expanded its customer base internationally, and solidified its position as a leading sustainable fashion brand.

Kiki Technology is a software development company based in Hong Kong that developed an innovative software solution. They were seeking opportunities to license their technology to international markets. Yue Wan Intl Limited provided technology export and licensing services to Kiki Technology.

Yue Wan Intl Limited conducted extensive market research and identified potential licensing partners in target markets. They assisted Kiki Technology in navigating technology export regulations, protecting their intellectual property rights, and negotiating favorable licensing agreements. Through their expertise and network, Yue Wan Intl Limited successfully facilitated multiple licensing deals for Kiki Technology, resulting in increased revenue streams and global recognition for their software solution.

Victoria Health is a pharmaceutical company based in Hong Kong specializing in the production of generic medicines. They aimed to expand their market presence in Southeast Asia. Yue Wan Intl Limited provided trade financing solutions and regulatory compliance support to Victoria Health.

Yue Wan Intl Limited facilitated trade financing options for Victoria Health, helping them access the necessary capital to fund their expansion plans. They also provided guidance and support in navigating complex regulatory requirements in the target markets. As a result, Victoria Health successfully expanded its distribution network, launched its products in Southeast Asia, and established strong partnerships with distributors in the region, leading to increased market share and revenue growth.

These success stories highlight the expertise and dedication of Yue Wan Intl Limited in helping businesses achieve their international trade objectives and drive growth in their respective industries.

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